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Atlantic Architectural offers the finest quality custom shutters for any home wishing to add a taste of posh to its exterior. The fiberglass 1/3 panel, 1/3 louver, 1/3 panel, is an enticing and divine shutter that is guaranteed to bring a charming appeal to your home’s façade. This unique blend of high quality architectural style comes in custom sizes and colors and is fully functional. It is the ultimate accessory to offer the ideal amount of allure to your home’s outside.

• Structure and finish have a lifetime warranty
• Finished with two coats of two part acrylic urethane
• Assembled by hand and sanded by hand
• Made of Marine grade fiberglass for superior strength

Atlantic Architectural Combo 1/3 Panel, 1/3 Louver, 1/3 Panel

Atlantic Architectural Combo 1/3 Panel, 1/3 Louver, 1/3 Panel

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