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If you want the allure and charm that comes with a garden style shutter, then Mid America has the perfect option. Its two board, split board, board and batten shutters offer an appeal that send out relaxation vibes. This country style shutter is certain to make your home's exterior offer a welcoming and comforting allure as they highlight the modest nuances in your homes construction. Two board, split board design. Board and batten style. Installation hardware included. **Up to 54" Length will have 2 horizontal battens. **55" length and above will have 3 horizontal battens. Additional size and color options available.
Made To Order. *Pricing is per pair Free Shipping.
Make your home's façade burst with definition with Mid America's audacious and masterful open louvered, full length, straight top shutters. This shutter is the perfect accessory for homes that desire a commanding presence on the block. The open louvered straight top design is the perfect accessory for any exterior that needs to add a bit of boldness to its façade. Its' maintenance free vinyl construction is sure to add simplicity to the lives of homeowners. Installation Hardware included. Additional size and color options available
Made To Order. *Pricing is per pair Free Shipping.
*Made To Order. Pricing Per Pair* Free Shipping.