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Atlantic Classic's three equal panel, raised panel, wood composite shutters are pure craftsmanship meant to offer a refined and elegant look to your home's exterior. These perfectly balanced, hand assembled, premium grade shutters will bring your home a look of splendor and classiness that will be highlighted by their symmetry. They are the perfect accessory for homeowners who wish to add a tasteful and composed look to their home's façade, and their premium grade workmanship are sure to make them the perfect choice for custom homes.

• Functional or fixed mounted options
• No expanding, contracting, or splitting
• Termite and rot proof
• 10 year warranty of structure and finish
• Marine grade epoxy primer finish with two coats
• Two coats of industrial grade acrylic urethane finish

Atlantic Classic 3 Equal Panel Raised Panel

Atlantic Classic 3 Equal Panel Raised Panel

315.71 315.71 USD


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  • **Made in the USA

    This product was manufactured in the United States of America. Support American workers.



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