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Decorative Hinges and S-Hooks Box (24 Hinges, 12 S-Hooks/Box)
Accent your shutters with a decorative hinge and s hook combination. The perfect accessory to give your shutters the look of function and style, the decorative hinge and s hook is sure to make your home’s exterior radiate class and style along with a classical and functional appeal. These hooks are hinges can be used on any type of vinyl shutter, and will certainly bring with them an allure of charm. Each box will come with 24 shutter hinges and 12 decorative S hooks.
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Mid America four board joined, board and batten, vinyl shutters will give your home's exterior that prefect humble and rustic look inspired by the old South. If you want your home to radiate Southern style and offer that warming Southern hospitality, consider these low maintenance four board, board and batten style shutters. They will, without a doubt, give your home's façade that simple and quaint look. Vinyl construction means low maintenance. Hardware for installation included. Additional size and color options available**Up to 54" Length will have 2 horizontal battens. **55" length and above will have 3 horizontal battens. Installation hardware included.
Step into style and sophistication with Mid America's open louvered, full cathedral, vinyl shutter. This classy and stylish shutter is sure to bring elegance to your home's exterior. It full length design offers a sleek and slender look, and its cathedral top compliments its long lines offering a true sense of refinement and class to any home's exterior. Will not crack, peel or fade. Includes all installation hardware. Additional size and color options available
Made To Order. *Pricing is per pair Free Shipping.
Made To Order. *Pricing is per pair Free Shipping.