Trends often arise out of nowhere or at least that’s how it seems. 2021 is different in that we are in the midst of a worldwide pandemic that has affected almost every aspect of our lives, including home improvement trends. That’s not all bad because as they say, “necessity is the mother of invention”, or as Agatha Christie famously said, “Invention, in my opinion, arises directly from idleness”. Either way, we have had no shortage of necessity and idleness over the past year which have given rise to some creative home improvement trends for 2021.

Let’s look at few:

The Home Office
With so many people now working from home it’s not surprise that home office concepts are booming. Whether it’s converting the guest bedroom into an office or building a stand-alone cottage style workspace on empty land, the home office is the number one trend this year. While previously people were willing to work from a bedroom nook with a desk, now that so much time is spent working from home, office spaces from the creative to the professional are the new thing.

Bigger, Homier Kitchens
The American kitchen has been in a constant state of evolution and spending more time at home over the past year has accelerated those changes. Larger open kitchens have been in vogue for some time but with many restaurants closing and families confined to the home for months, kitchens have become more important as social spaces where families hang out while meals are prepared. Breakfast nooks, love seats and arm chairs are all becoming standard in the modern kitchen.

Outdoor Dining Rooms
With decreased eating out and more cooking done at home outdoor dining spaces are one of the fastest growing home improvement projects. These range from firepits with more permanent grills to full on covered dining rooms, gazebos and patio overhangs. This trend has been a revelation as most of us (as we discussed in an earlier blog) have plenty of unused yard area that can be taken advantage of, adding style and utility.

Merging Indoor and Outdoor Spaces
Builders and homeowners are creating beautiful living spaces on unused land, a resource that most of us have not used to it’s potential. Sliding or folding glass doors that lead us out into nature, fire pits, outdoor couches, kitchens and dining areas are transforming backyards across the country into warm spaces for private relaxation or social gatherings.

So, whether it was out of necessity or idleness, the events of 2020 have produced some exciting new trends for our homes.