A well chosen and installed exterior shutter for your windows can be a great finishing touch to your home, regardless if you live in the countryside, the suburbs or a busy city. Well selected exterior shutters will increase your home's curb appeal and ultimately your home value.

Big box retail stores attract individual consumers due to convenience, and while they do have a larger assortment of different products, when it comes to exterior shutters, they typically do not have a large selection of styles & colors. You want to find people who specialize in ´MATCHING THE RIGHT SHUTTER´ to your home, instead of focusing on mass marketing several different home improvement products.

Having a large selection of styles and colors is all nice & good, but at the end of the day it is up to the homeowner or contractor to select the best suitable product for a home improvement project. Our question is, would you rather leave your project in the hands of a retailer or people who are dedicated to shutters on a daily basis?

In our experience, while the value and look of your home from the exterior is important, what we find more significant is peace of mind knowing that you truly love your shutters and feel comfortable with your selection.

Last but not least, the shutter material you select for your home can be dictated by several factors such as climate, pricing, renovation goal and functionality. For example, a window shutter for an area with seasonal hurricanes will need to differ from a shutter within an area that has a mild climate year round. If you are purchasing shutters for a home that you are about to sell may differ from shutters you want for a newly purchased dream home.

It all depends on your lifestyle, expectations and overall purpose when it comes to any renovation, but in the end you will want to make sure you make the best selection for your own satisfaction when it comes to the style, size, material and color for your exterior shutters.