Two things about exterior shutters that may seem obvious but not always reflected by what you see is #1, shutters DO NOT work on a window that does not have room for them, and #2, The illusion that you are trying to accomplish with decorative shutters (other than curb appeal) is to make them look like they could be functional. I know what you’re thinking… DUHHH! But you would be surprised at how many questions we get about sizing shutters correctly for a home, so we are going to give you a few tips and pointers about sizing and placement of your exterior shutters. Yes ladies and gentlemen, size matters!

If a window is too close to a corner, a shutter that is sized incorrectly can stick out beyond the edge of the house. On a house with siding, a shutter could even overlap the corner board. So what do you do when you have a window too close to the edge while all of the other windows have enough room for shutters? Some people put a smaller shutter on one side of the window and others install the shutter literally over the window to make it work. I however believe that it is better to have nothing than something that doesn't work. If the shutters do not fit DO NOT INSTALL THE SHUTTERS! There are so many other things in what I like to call the “Curb Appeal Toolbox” that you can use to make that window pop. Don’t get caught up with equilibrium and make every single window look the same. Install a window box and plant some beautiful flowers on that window along with a Trellis and BOOM! You just transformed not only that window, but also the curb appeal of your home and you didn’t need shutters that don't fit to do it.

Now what If windows are too close together? Shutter placement can also be difficult for windows within close proximity. The space on adjacent windows should be at least half the width of one shutter.  The size of a window or group of windows determines the width and height of the shutters. This goes back to the illusion that you are trying to pull off with the decorative shutters. Ideally, the width of shutters used in pairs on windows should be half the width of the window, and both should be the same height of the window. Again, reach into your “Curb Appeal Toolbox”, there are some great things that you can do other than shutters. I also remind people that there are other types of shutters that can work in this situation like Bahama shutters. Unlike traditional shutters, Bahama shutters are installed above a window so you can easily install Bahama shutters instead if you like that look. You could also install a Sunburst accessory above the window to make it pop that is the same color as the shutters or trim on other windows.

So remember, shutters are a fantastic way to add curb appeal but that is only if they fit. Don’t force the issue, if there is not enough space on 1 window, simply use your “Curb Appeal Toolbox” and you can do something very creative and simple that will definitely make your home stand out.